What is the correct planting air-to-water-ratio for growing plants?

Planting, rooting and flowering crops is possibly one of the most therapeutic and rewarding processes available to us on earth. Even the smallest plot of land or back-yard can become a small haven for fruits and vegetables to develop rapidly. If you are growing a crop of plants or planning on doing so, you will need to understand the air-to-water-ratio to ensure your crop growth is optimal.

UGro COCO is available in different structures, however, our naturally coarse substrate, Pure Professional Air and Pure Professional Max Air have a spongy texture so it is perfect for maintaining good air to water ratio, which is why we are able to non-compress it and why it is one of the most robust substrates available on the market today.

UGro Pure Professional Air and UGro Pure Professional Max Air maintains excellent air-to-water ratio and helps your root system rapidly grow.

UGro Pure Professional Air has a 4 mm gradient which allows the substrate to distribute and drain, while it stops saturation allowing the substrate to drain methodically into a 60/40 air to water ratio. A ratio of 60% water and 40% air in your coir substrate macropores create optimal conditions for plant roots and microorganisms to help your plants thrive so if you are looking for non-compressed, coarse, peat-free coconut substrate that optimises air retention then shop for either, UGro Pure Professional Air and UGro Pure Professional Air Max.

UGro Pure Professional Air Max is the highest-quality coarse coconut substrate fully-charged with perlite, which is a natural volcanic glass that is heated until it pops making it super light and porous. The heating process makes the perlite absorb moisture on the surface of its cells which allow moisture to travel to the root of your plants and as it is porous it drains the water away naturally for you, so you do not have to! Crop aeration is super important for small and really large crops to accelerate rapidly and to allow your plant roots to breath naturally.

Simply Organic S.L. offers you so much more than a peat-free, eco aeration growing solutions, with excellent water retention and the highest-quality coir substrates, we bring you plant-based products, expertise throughout the entire commercial cultivation, we help you identify common growing problems and give you solutions and we can help you design and manufacture your own branded or non-branded coconut substrate in our laboratory, UGro LAB

Collaboration is the key to success and it is easy with UGro LAB, where we collaborate with you to design you a specific product from our high-quality ecological sustainable product range.

We work with you to design, manufacture and supply specific growing structure, rooting formula or a specific flowering requirement. Whatever wholesale retail requirement you have, we are happy to accommodate your brand.

Alternatively, we can brand and pack formats for your ease of transportation, disk, brick, bale, pot, slab or whatever you have in mind. Protect your profits and maximise your growth by contacting us to place a bespoke, made-to-measure order.

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