Probiotic products are those that contain beneficial microorganisms for soil health and enrich the microbiome.

In this article, we tell you how prebiotic and probiotic solutions can help you take care of your microbiota to maintain the structure of the soil and achieve greater profitability from your crops.


The soil microbiota is composed of microorganisms, mainly fungi and bacteria, that inhabit the soil, and which interact with each other and with the plant itself.

If the soil microbiota is in good condition, the ability of the plant to obtain nutrients, therefore, we will have more productive crops and higher quality fruits, and also a greater capacity of the plant to protect itself against pathogens.

For all these reasons, it is extremely important to take care of the soil microbiota. The rupture of the microbial balance of this entails its impoverishment, which translates into a lower return of organic matter and nutrients, less microbial diversity and an increase in pathogenic microorganisms, among other consequences.

One way to help soils counteract all of these negative effects is in probiotic products.


As a result of our research and the study of microorganisms and their behaviour, we have created two solutions that are especially suitable for taking care of the soil microbiota: BACKmagic and Rhiza1200.

The first, BACKmagic, is a compound based on bacillus-type bacteria spores.

What are its effects? BACKmagic not only increases the population of microorganisms but also stabilizes the microbial groups that are related to plant nutrition and soil recovery. That is, those related to the solubilization of phosphates, biological nitrogen fixers or other groups of microorganisms that produce substances beneficial for the soil and the plant.

For this reason, we recommend BACKmagic, especially for eroded soils. It can be used in all types of crops and can be applied individually or together with other solutions.

The second of them, Rhiza1200, are mycorrhizal propagules with a high concentration composed of rhizophagus irregularis, a variety of mycorrhizae that provides various benefits to the soil and cultivation. Once applied, they generate symbiosis with the roots of the plants, providing minerals and receiving elements from photosynthesis, such as sugars, in exchange.

With the rhizospheric microorganisms that we have selected for Rhiza1200, we reinforce the main functions of the rhizosphere, thus avoiding soil degradation.

For all this, at Simply Organic with the UGro BENEFITS line, we are especially interested in taking advantage of these microorganisms that inhabit the soil so that sustainable agriculture is at the reach of all and we work so that you do not have to choose between profitability and defence of climate change.

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