UGro BENEFITS is a range of natural root-care formulas that boost plant growth and development, eliminate old roots time and time again, and accelerate the root-system-architecture of your plants and crops.


UGro BENEFITS is a range of fast-acting, ecological root care bio-stimulants of plant origin. This product range is scientifically engineered to serve a multitude of rooting functions by strengthening anchorage and supplying your plants and crops with nutrients and exchanges of various growth substances within your plant shoots. The root-soil interface is the site where the most important interactions take place. UGro BENEFITS is designed to stimulate this interface.


UGro Rhiza1200. Fast-acting. Root-system-architecture. Rooting powder.

A fast-acting, non-pathogenic rooting powder that starts working in 24-hours, by accelerating your plant growth and enhancing the accumulation of valuable molecules in your plant. The active natural ingredient, Rhizophagus irregularis significantly increases the shoot and root biomass.

UGro BACKmagic. Root care. Combat stress. Eliminate old roots.

A non-pathogenic endospore root-care formula that eliminates old plant roots and keeps the irrigation facilities of your plant clean for longer, slowing down the obstructions caused by the organic matter. It works quickly to combat stress and regulates stem elongation, germination, dormancy flowering, flowering development and leaf and fruit senescence. Stabilises the gibberellic precursors and mobilises nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium retained in soils. Helping fruit set and fruit growth and increases its effectiveness in the presence of calcium salts such as carbonates and bicarbonates.

  • ECO – An earth-friendly plant-based product.
  • SUSTAINABLE – Provides environmental, social and economic benefits.
  • ROOT CARE – Eliminates and renews old plant roots time and time again.
  • ROOT-SYSTEM-ARCHITECTURE – Accelerates and strengthens anchorage.
  • BIO-STIMULANT – An agricultural biochemical that quickly stimulants the plant root.
  • FAST-ACTING – Starts working in 24-hours.
  • FLOWERING – Enhances the development of flowering crops.
  • CO2 – A plant-based by-product which offsets and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
  • KOGuarantee – A quality control compliance guarantee.
  • SAFETY WARNING – Always wear a mask face and gloves when using gardening products.