KOGuarantee is an international compliance certificate that controls, monitors and standardises the raw, plant-based materials used throughout our manufacturing process, right through to ease of storage and delivery conditions. A KOG certificate means the product has passed a strict regulated quality control test in collaboration with independent research laboratories and institutions.

Raw materials

An ecological, natural product always starts with nature. Simply Organic S.L. products are all environmentally-friendlyecological and manufactured with earth-friendly, raw natural materials. Before we begin to design and manufacture, we run strict compliance and quality control laboratory tests. In particular, we pay special attention to ensure that coir (coconut) and Jute plant materials are sourced from clean plantations, away from the Indian coast to exclude risk of pollution and contamination.

Quality Control

KOG regulates, monitors and tests the raw material used throughout our production line. KOG is a preliminary treatment which tightly regulates mixing processes, sanitary, phytosanitary measures and storage conditions. KOG specifies an annual compliance and risk assessment review with the specified requirements. This allows Simply Organic S.L. to guarantee consistency and health and safety of our KOG certified products.

This is a QC (Quality Control) assured scope of work, composition, audit and report to certify the production and manufacturing process for each eco, agricultural product sold in the shop online and directly to wholesalers.

Storage and transportation

To reduce the potential risk of product contamination during transportation we utilise storage space that is adequately cleaned and dry before raw materials / growing media are loaded/stored. Raw ecological materials (including growing medium) should not be transported or stored next to unsafe products. KOG eliminates risk and provides a safe environment.


We proudly protect and preserve wetland peatlands by nurturing nature to nature to bring you the highest-quality, earth-friendly, coconut substrates with the widest range of coir products available on the market. If you would like to speak to a specialist grower contact us and we will arrange a call back.