Organic coconut substrate growing methods

If lessons are being learned during 2020, it goes without saying, how important our living and working environment is to us all. People all over the world have been bringing the outside, inside by growing plants and organic crops and planting organic fruits and organic vegetables. Even the smallest square foot has been flipped-out into an organic growing area of sorts. It is evidently important for people to have a clean, safe environment, but, the same goes for our plants, which also require the best growing environment to thrive and develop successfully.


UGro Pure Superior Light Mix coir substrate is enriched with Trichodermas Harzianum, Perlite (volcanic glass), Endomycorrhizae, Bat guano and Worm humus, all of which are natural, organic stimulates. If you are looking for a super-charged eco substrate, UGro Pure Superior Light Mix contains higher-levels of these natural enhancers so you will not have to add fertiliser for the first 2-3 weeks. This is your substrate!

Trichodermas Harzianum is an organic microorganism that fights rot root and stimulates the rapid growth of your crop. Trichodermas harzianum is a fungus which protects your plant root from bacteria and pathogenic fungi which are really harmful to plants. Trichodermas Harzianum colonizes your plants before fungi have a look in, then it cleverly feeds off your plants waste and fights off any other fungus completely naturally, so you do not have to worry about it. This allows your plant roots to focus its energy on becoming stronger so we fully-charged our UGro Pure Superior Light Mix range with this natural source.

Perlite is an organic volcanic glass which is heated until the perlite pops, which minimises the air bubbles on its surface making it super light with a neutral pH balance. These microscopic organic cells extract any excess moisture from your plant roots and perlite is porous enough to perfectly drain water away naturally from UGro Pure Superior Light Mix.

Endomycorrhizae is another organic fungus, much like Trichoderma Harzianum which colonises your plant root and protects your plant from other fungi. Endomycorrhizae works from the inside your plant roots so as the plant feeds the endomycorrhizae and what it does not need anymore, the fungus protects the roots, as well as feeding the valuable nutrients from its surroundings.

Endomycorrhizae is particularly relevant to UGro Pure Superior Light Mix as it is claimed to reshape the earth’s landscape by naturally moving plants onto land.

Bat Guano is bat excrement which works as an excellent organic fertiliser in UGro Pure Superior Light Mix. It is 100% natural in nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. Bird and Bat guano continues to be highly prized amongst ecological agriculture farmers.

Worm Humus, also known as worm castings is an organic stimulate proven to enrich and condition coir substrates and scientifically lower the risk of contaminants in coir products. Worm Humus improves the nutrient levels in coir making UGro Pure Superior Light Mix coir substrate an all-round quality, not quantity substrate.

If you are growing fruit, flowering herbs and vegetable and you require an organic coir substrate whereby, you do not have to feed additional nutrients in the first 2-3 weeks of your crop or plant growth UGro COCO fully-charged with organic stimulates CHECK NOW!

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