Pure Slab Professional Rhiza 12L – 2,6kg

A grow bag of loose, coarse coir substrate enriched with endomycorrhizae which facilitates a better uptake of nutrients. As this product has never been compressed it has extra aereation properties and balanced water retention properties. With 6,5 litres of clean water yields up to 12 L of coco peat.

Product details

  • High quality coconut substrate made in India.
  • Coconut substrate, free of soil pathogens, odours, roots and any other impurities.
  • Washed in clean, salt-free water.
  • A plant-based product for indoor and outdoor use.
  • True-buffered.
Dry matter


Organic matter

in % of dry matter


Water holding capacity






< 0.6 ms/cm

Chlorine (Cl)

70-80 mg/L


12 L

Net Weight


2.6 kg

All parameters correspond to the moment of packaging.
Use fertilizer as required. Store in a cool and dry place.

  • ECO An earth-friendly plant-based product.
  • SUSTAINABLE Provides environmental, social and economic benefits.
  • PEAT-FREE – Protecting global wetland peatland areas.
  • COCONUT – A 100% coconut shell by-product.
  • EC & PH – Optimal EC & pH levels.
  • WATER RETENTION – Coir has a fibrous texture which provides the best water holding capacity for plant roots.
  • AIR PROPERTIES – Excellent aeration properties.
  • EASY GROWING – Easy to use and easy to grow.
  • CO2 A plant-based by-product which offsets and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
  • KOGuarantee A quality control compliance guarantee.

User guide

UGro Slab is a peat-free, eco, sustainable coconut substrate with low EC levels and minimum nutrients. It is packed into a large slab in plastic wrapping which is easy to use and easy to reposition. The bag has been treated for excellent UV stability.

  • What you will need: UGro Slab, x4 UGro Cube Rhiza, scissors, clean water, root stimulator and fertiliser.
  • There are four cubes marked for cutting on the top of the Slab and drainage holes underneath the Slab.
  • Few hours prior to planting cut one of the cubes and proceed to hydrate the slab.
  • Saturate the slab with 6.5 litres of clean water through the cut hole. Do not exceed this amount of water as this is can affect root development.
  • We highly recommend adding root stimulator and fertiliser (only add half of the manufacturer’s recommended dose).
  • To avoid planting and nutrient issues you must check that the pH of the solution is adjusted to 6.
  • When the coconut substrate is fully rehydrated you may notice one side of the Slab is more hydrated than the other. This is normal.
  • Allow the Slab to rest so the high capillarity of coconut will distribute the humidity evenly.
  • Once the Slab is hydrated you are ready to introduce your plants.
  • Cut the remaining drainage holes in the base of the Slab, prior to cutting the top cubes.
  • On the top of the Slab, cut out the remaining hole for UGro Cube Rhiza to sit on.
  • Now place your plants (or Cubes) on top of the planting holes, on the top the Slab.
  • The roots will now spread across, allowing the plants to absorb the nutrients.