Cube4 Professional Rhiza 800ml – 90g

A 4×4 inch cube (pouch) of dehydrated coconut substrate with a low percentage of coconut fibres. Enriched with endomycorrhizal fungi which facilitates a better uptake of nutrients. It is a growing cube that is perfect for seedlings, as well as for short- term and seasonal crops. Yields up to 800 ml of coco peat.

Product details

  • High quality coconut substrate made in India.
  • Coconut substrate, free of soil pathogens, odours, roots and any other impurities.
  • Washed in clean, salt-free water.
  • A plant-based product for indoor and outdoor use.
  • True-buffered.
Dry matter


Organic matter

in % of dry matter


Water holding capacity






< 0.7 ms/cm

Chlorine (Cl)

70-80 mg/L

Compressed Volume


Hydrated Volume

800 ml

Net Weight


90 g

All parameters correspond to the moment of packaging.
Use fertilizer as required. Store in a cool and dry place.

  • ECO An earth-friendly plant-based product.
  • SUSTAINABLE Provides environmental, social and economic benefits.
  • PEAT-FREE – Protecting global wetland peatland areas.
  • COCONUT – A 100% coconut shell by-product.
  • EC & PH – Optimal EC & pH levels.
  • WATER RETENTION – Coir has a fibrous texture which provides the best water holding capacity for plant roots.
  • AIR PROPERTIES – Excellent aeration properties.
  • EASY GROWING – Easy to use and easy to grow.
  • CO2 A plant-based by-product which offsets and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
  • KOGuarantee A quality control compliance guarantee.

User guide

UGro Cube Rhiza is a peat-free, eco, sustainable coconut substrate enriched with endomiccorhizae in a ready-to-use grow pouch. UGro Cube Rhiza is easy to use prior to using UGro Slab.

  • What you will need: UGro Cube Rhiza, water, optional root stimulator and liquid fertiliser. We recommend: fully formed plants, not for germinating or cloning.
  • Open the top of the UGro Cube Rhiza pouch.
  • Optional: add a root stimulator and a liquid fertiliser to the water prior to use. This will add extra nutrients required to build a robust plant structure so the plant can flower and produce fruit.
  • If you use UGro Cube4 Rhiza hydrate it with 160 ml of water to obtain 800 ml of high-quality coco substrate. And in case of UGro Cube6 Rhiza hydrate it with 1350 ml of water to obtain 3L of coco subtrate.
  • Within seconds the coir substrates begin to hydrate and increase in volume.
  • The high capillarity of the coco coir in UGro Cube Rhiza will slowly distribute water for your plants successful growth.
  • Wait 4-5 minutes, while the UGro Cube Rhiza fully hydrates and it will be ready for use.